What is Leadership?


Well I could give you the text book or theoretical definition but I won’t because you can carry out a Google search yourself I am sure!

My personal definition of Leadership is this:

“Leadership is the ability to think big, inspire others and work towards the big goal together”

I personally believe that no matter what your occupation you can be a leader; leadership comes from within. Many managers think they are leaders or think that they make great leaders. A good manager is not always a good leader. Look around you, look around your daily life as well as your workplace. Who has the qualities of a leader? Who has ideas, is passionate, determined and open to suggestions from everyone? Who is humble and gracious and caring? Who has the emotional intelligence to let the little things go and focus on the more important goal achieving factors? Who has the courage to build a mastermind group to share ideas and develop strategies?

In one of my previous jobs I was pretty rubbish at keeping a check on my teams uniforms, were they wearing their name badge? were they wearing work issued shorts? were they wearing the correct jacket? I couldn’t tell you as I can’t say it was that important to the end goal. We, the team, were trying to achieve a better workout environment for our members, we were working on improving procedures, customer service and programming so that our members had a great experience time after time. The question is, did our members notice that the jacket didn’t have the correct logo on it? did they care that Jane, who they had got to know personally, and not via her name badge, wasn’t wearing her name badge today? did they care? did they hell!

What the members cared about was the experience they received every time they came in, was the team acting professionally and with empathy? did the team make an effort to get to know the member and not just see them as a number or a dollar sign?  I think you get the gist. Of course it is important for the team to look professional and smart and be ambassadors of the brand, but there are more ways to do that than spend time chasing staff because they forgot their name badge today.

Perhaps I was in the wrong job, but one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to make a difference, I wanted the team to feel empowered and connected, because I knew if  the team could achieve this then the rest would follow naturally and members would love coming back to the facility time after time.

Ask yourself today what could you do to be a better leader.

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