Membership Price is a hot topic of discussion at the moment.

How should we price ourselves? Low to compete with the budget  24/7 gyms? or high to perceive quality? or inbetween to capture the majority?

With the large number of fitness facilities offering join online and weekly gym memberships for as little as $10 per week it is no wonder we are drowning amongst pricing, promotions and membership structure decisions.

We should no longer be looking at price in isolation. Adding value is more important now than ever before, so if you aren’t looking at ways to add value to your memberships then now is the time!

Below are some questions to get your ideas flowing, bring in your team members and brainstorm on ways to add value to your membership options. You may find some quick-wins, or some may require extensive research and analysis before making any changes, either way begin those discussions…

  • Keep it Simple; Tidy up membership structures and packages; What do members want from a membership? Do you offer a Full Access Membership? Do you offer Swim Passes instead of a Swimming Membership? Do you have lots of different and confusing membership options?
  • Look at what’s included in your memberships – Can you add more? Are you offering useful benefits to your members or just adding it for the sake of it? Are there any quick-win “Bolt Ons” available? Can you incorporate some of the boutique style programs into your membership offering?
  • Consistently work on improving the customer experience – otherwise known as “retention”. Are you offering the best customer service experience on a consistent regular basis? What are the successful fitness facilities with retention rates of 80%+ doing? How are you engaging with members to keep them part of your community?

As always, you know where I am if you want to throw some ideas around to help with your membership strategy.

Until next time,



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