My name is Charlotte Dallas and I have over 18 years experience in the Leisure and Fitness Industry. I have worked in both private and local government organisations of various sizes and have worked in a variety of different roles. My skills lend themselves towards business & commercial viability improvements with the aim to provide my clients with innovative and creative business solutions. My services are tailored to the Fitness & Leisure industry so you can be sure that my recommendations and solutions will be individual to the industry and to your organisation. I don’t provide “off the shelf” solutions; I take the time to get to know your organisation and it’s challenges so that we can work together to find solutions that fit your business.

The list below provides an overview of the services I provide:

Training & Team Development

  • sales & retention training
  • customer service training
  • team culture & partnership building workshops
  • business planning workshops
  • marketing & promotions workshops
  • program specific training

Operational Reviews

  • programming
  • customer experience
  • sales & retention
  • marketing and promotions
  • business plans & strategies
  • products and services
  • technology utilisation & performance
  • pricing & membership structures
  • staff/organisational structures

Performance Reviews

  • budget & finance
  • program & membership performance
  • competitor analysis


  • industry trends
  • customer/staff surveys & feedback
  • non-user surveys
  • demographics
  • segmentation
  • innovations & best practice
  • benchmarking
  • competitor analysis

Quality Assurance

  • self-assessments
  • industry-assessments (formal & informal)
  • customer experience feedback (including mystery visits/contact)
  • processes
  • campaign/project/program evaluations


  • sales impact plans
  • campaign management
  • reactive solutions
  • risk management
  • social media guidance
  • performance monitoring tools
  • marketing & marketing templates
  • brainstorming