“Thank you so much for organising Leisure Share*. It is very heartening to see a group of likeminded individuals wanting to come together, share and collaborate for the betterment of the industry and ultimately the consumer. I give you great credit for your leadership and vision in bringing this group together”
David Menzies, Fitness Australia

*LeisureShare is a networking event set up by Charlotte to allow quality networking amongst the leisure industry in Western Australia

“Charlotte made a huge and positive impact at Durham County Council. Her abilities with business development extended from overseeing two key programs (aquatics and health and fitness) to developing a strategic approach. Most importantly for us her skills enabled her to focus on performance areas that really mattered in improving the financial bottom line and brand awareness at a time of austerity and market contraction. She was also able to combine her marketing and communication prowess with excellent product development. The best example of this was with the implementation of the Aqualearn (learn to swim) brand and product that married sound sports development principles with commercial success. The product was highlighted by the Amateur Swimming Association as an example of top practice.”
Steve Lister, Strategic Manager, Durham County Council.

“I have worked with Charlotte on the development of Aquatic products for a portfolio of swimming pools in County Durham. In terms of Aquatics Charlotte has an in-depth knowledge and understanding across the continuum from participation and development through to performance and elite levels. Charlotte has skills and experience of project management, problem solving, creative thinking and expertise in marketing and communications.  These skills have been applied in her recent roles within Sport and Leisure Management.  The skills and experience that Charlotte has gained are transferable to a wide range of workplaces and Charlotte has the confidence and ability to apply herself to new challenges and opportunities and would be an asset to any organisation.”
Carol Lewis, Consultant, Lewis Leisure Consultancy

“Over the last 3 years Charlotte has been instrumental in setting up and building a strong partnership between Durham County Council and the UK’s NGB for swimming; the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). The development of aquatics in Durham has been significantly improved by Charlotte in her role and she has been the driving force in implementing a number of key successful initiatives to ensure the effectiveness of these programmes such as marketing and communications, procedures and principles. These initiatives have proven both lucrative in terms of income generation and also increased participation levels and retention in aquatics within County Durham. I am happy to testify how positive and professional the relationship has been between Charlotte and the ASA and would recommend working with her.”[extract]
Kate Nicholson, UK Northern aquatics officer, ASA

“One of Charlotte’s many roles at Durham County Council was to develop and communicate key messages to staff and customers. 101 staff, including senior managers, were trained through the customer journey programme which Charlotte developed. Charlotte developed a number of initiatives using dynamic, modern, creative and alternative formats. Charlotte also created a fitness income management tool to analyse performance and predict trends. Charlotte’s output doubles many others in the industry and is self-motivated, has a huge ability to learn quickly and delivers on projects assigned to her. Charlotte would be an asset to any organisation and would do an incredible job wherever she works”

Chris Lonsdale, Area Manager, Technogym UK

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